Basic Instruction

One Hour Lesson.

Work on your short game or full swing with Kevyn. The hour includes extensive video and computer analysis as well as a specific plan for ongoing improvement with a take home DVD. A great way to start to understand your own swing and ultimately learn to maintain it yourself. This lesson is based upon availability.
Emergency Repair Session
An afternoon of one-on-one instruction tailored to suit your needs. The focus of this session is decided by the player and may include full swing, short game, shot making, on-the-course instruction or a combination of all aspects. Before and after footage on a take home DVD is provided, along with commentary by the instructor outlining drills.

For more information on pricing and availability, please call Kevyn at (876) 361-3330 / or contact the club house at (876) 632-7444. 


Tee Times: (876) 632-7444